Meanwhile SCAF drops the other constitutional shoe….


The votes were still being counted early this morning when the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces made a major move to enshrine it’s own power, influence and independence. A set of amendments to its constitutional declaration were issued enshrining a number of major changes. Among them:

*The military is now essentially autonomous and the next president will not be commander in chief of the military and won’t be able to order the army to do anything it doesn’t want to.

*The SCAF, which already absorbed legislative authority after a court ruling last week dissolved the parliament, now assumes a controlling role in drafting the new constitution. The current constituent assembly faces an undefined deadline to show progress. Otherwise SCAF will unilaterally form its own assembly. Either way, SCAF retains the right to veto any aspects of the proposed constitution that are, “in opposition to the goals of the revolution or its basic principles… or the common principles of Egypt’s past constitutions.”

The declaration itself was not unexpected; people had been predicting it for days. But the timing–in the middle of a chaotic night of vote counting–is either deliberately obnoxious or a sign that the SCAF decided to move to formally weaken the presidency when it became clear that the Muslim Brotherhood might win.

Early analysis of the move has been damning. George Washington University professor Nathan Brown issued a harsh assessment saying the new clauses, if they stand, “really do constitutionalize a military coup.”

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