Monday Evening Egypt Links


*Thanassis Cambanis, who’s writing a book about post-revolutionary Egypt, asks: “Is Anyone ready to actually lead Egypt?” Cambanis, a former Boston Globe correspondent, concludes: “The Muslim Brotherhood is inflexible and exclusive, the military power-hungry and self-interested, liberals are in disarray, and a country that badly needs cooperation is once again plagued by division.”
Other than that, everything’s fine!

*The Middle East News Agency somewhat implausibly announces that the Coptic Church is totally fine with the idea of the Muslim Brotherhood controlling the presidency.

*Resending for those who missed it before: Sandmonkey’s angry, profane and weirdly optimistic take on the end of the Revolution.

*The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces held a press conference today to complain that we don’t trust them enough.

*Demonstrating that characteristic Israeli tact and subtlety, Ehud Barak decides we need to know his opinion on Egyptian democracy.

*The April 6 movement congratulates Mohammed Moursi on his presumed victory–and warns him to behave.



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