New video alleges to show Shafiq buying support


This just came to us via Borzou Daragahi of the Financial Times. The title declares it: “Shafiq Passing Out Checks to Folool (regime loyalists) in Naga Hammadi”



It  does show Ahmed Shafiq drinking tea with a group of men who sure do look like a rural folool mafia squad.  Everybody exchanges pleasantries and Shafiq gives a mini speech warning that, “the country is standing on the edge of a cliff.”

Then Shafiq asks for a pen and writes a check to “Sheikh Ibrahim”–the local big fish.

The audio is terrible and Shafiq is often incomprehensible anyway so it’s hard to make out much of what’s being said–which means it’s hard to decide whether anything truly sinister is happening.

Anybody with better audio who wants to try to transcribe, please send it here so we can post it.

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