Revolution, the New Chapter


That’s the conclusion of blogger and activist Mahmoud “Sandmonkey” Salem. In a long  post, Salem concludes that whatever started on January 25, 2011 has come to an end today.

“All of us had those goals and not a single vision on what to do afterwards, because the removal of Mubarak was such a pipedream. So, you successfully dethrone a tyrant, and you have neither plan nor vision on what to do afterwards, and no real understanding of the regime itself, then, quite naturally, you fall flat on your face, and we have been doing that for the past 18 months. This has been our story: the removal of a dictator and the repercussions that follow. That’s what’s been happening. This ends today, and the new chapter starts, for better or worse.”

Salem quite often does NOT speak for the larger activist community; later he attacks revolutionaries who opted to vote for Mohammed Moursi as “a bunch of cowards that let your fear control your political choices.”

But on this score we do think he captures the mood among much of the revolutionaries: disillusioned and frustrated, but determined to continue their struggle. He concludes by listing some of the on-the-ground achievements of the revolution to-date, including:

  • Hosny Mubarak, his son and his VP are not ruling us.
  • The NDP is broken into many different pieces
  • Serious weakening of classism in a classist society
  • Incredible amount of art, music and culture that was unleashed all over the country
  • Entire generations in schools and universities that have become politicized, aware and active.

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